Why Are Online Surveys Important For Your Brand?

August 18, 2022

With many businesses now moving online, it’s no surprise that online reviews are becoming an essential part of your brand. Reviews are good for your business but if not done right, it could harm your brand.  It is rare for shoppers to make a blind purchase these days. They often make their purchase decision according to the reviews they have read.

This means that whatever industry you are in, having a positive impression online is to your advantage.  

There’s no such thing as bad publicity right? We’ll take a look at why online reviews are important for your brand.

Social Proof Drives Purchases

By engaging with your online audience for positive reviews, first-time customers are more likely to make a purchase if they are reassured that it is a right purchase. Brands should encourage their customers to leave a positive review on the product by providing incentives. This can be seen with Shopee where they will reward customers to leave a rating and a written review to drive further sales.

Your Brand Becomes Noticeable

Generally, shoppers will search on Google or Facebook before deciding which product is right for them. These websites have their unique way of surfacing content to their audience, but the algorithms on most search engines prioritise original and unique content and most importantly, those with good customer ratings. Positive ratings will definitely help your brand to gain a higher exposure. 

A Brand You Can Trust

Brand confidence is key especially in reinforcing recurring customers and more so when attracting first-time buyers. A high rating brand will leave a good impression amongst your audience. This could make or break your brand presence online. 

Positive Reviews Will Maximise Reach

When good reviews are left on your page, shoppers will share the brand they believe in to their circle of influence. This will then generate reach to more than just your existing shoppers and possibly conversion as it was referred by their friends through word of mouth.

An Opportunity To Engage With Your Customers

With every feedback provided by your customers (both positive & negative) is an opportunity to improve and enhance your products or services. It holds more than corporate integrity towards your customers but also it attracts potential new ones as well as the action could be seen publicly to show that you care.


To sum it up, the way you advertise your brand should not be left out too. More importantly ensuring that the core of your products or services are at it’s best should be your priority as the result will speak for itself.

By learning from positive reviews about your brand, you can improve on your marketing efforts.

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