Instagram Influencer: What you should know in Malaysia

August 19, 2022

Influencers on Instagram are those account users who have established their creative, innovative ideas and content in social media. Instagram influencers are also a person who can persuade their audience in purchasing a product and share their own user experience with their audience daily.

Instagram influencers can be different “Levels” based on their followers’ size. Those famous brand’s influencers are those with the largest number of followers.

1. Instagram influencer: Must upload a memorable profile picture

Instagram profile pictures can be present in many emotions and styles. It can show you are very pretty, cool, cute, sexy, or really focus on professional shooting.

There are multiple ways an Instagram influencer can do this and remember that once your profile picture changes, it must be used for more than a period of time. When a follower clicks or not to click in your profile, content reaches and goes into your Instagram account.

2. Instagram influencer: Must insert your simple details in Bio

“Link in Bio” – The most frequent sentences that Instagram influencers use in their caption / Instagram Story.

Here are to suggest what you can put in your Bio:

  • Your country name, your state. Example: KL 🇲🇾
  • Your age
  • Your own business shops or sponsor collaboration
  • Your job contact details: DM messenger / Working Email / Contact No.
  • Your link: Youtube channel OR put all of your content or account with just one link 

3. Instagram influencer: Must tag your sponsor

Instagram influencers must tag your sponsor or post your photo review with the sponsored product, it can be a high chance to let the recruiter pick you and consider them as their brand ambassador.

4. Instagram influencer: Must put hashtag

Before you publish content, don’t forget your hashtag!

The hashtag is a creative way to move your post to Instagram Explore and search. If your content is only a photo with no captions and hashtags, it’s hard to make people find your posted content.

5. Instagram influencer: Must know your Instagram Insight

Instagram influencers must know their Instagram insight, especially their followers’ age group and demographic.

Based on the Instagram insight, you can plan your content and direction based on what they mostly engage with. Save the tips!

What is most important for Instagram Influencers?

After you have grown up your Instagram account, see next – Company is looking for what Instagram influencer? 

They will look into your Instagram account’s content and it can be the first insight and first impressions. Each content you shared and posted is representing you and your personality. Therefore, to make yourself a high chance of picking from a recruiter, organise your content. We are sure you know your style better than any others.

For more information, contact us and we will be happy to discuss more opportunities & collaborations together. 

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