How You Create Urgency to get high Conversions & Sales

August 19, 2022

Creating a sense of urgency is a proven way to drive sales. Making people feel as if they’re about to miss out on or lose a great opportunity will trigger them that fear of missing out. 

For your online business and many eCommerce websites, creating an urgent way could motivate users to complete a purchase. It is a highly effective tactic for increasing buyer motivation, and can have a direct impact on revenue. 

5 Tactics to Increase Urgency

1. Set a Deadline
Create an incentive to take action by running sales and offers for a limited time. It helps to tell customers how quickly they have to order an item to get a quick delivery, right down to the minute.

Setting deadlines is an easy way to implement this tactic. examples:
> setting a deadline for next-day delivery
> sending discount codes with a set deadline
> promoting the date or time your sale ends

2. Create Scarcity

The scarcer a product or service is, the more people want it, because it looks like many people need it. For eCommerce businesses, one common way to do this is to announce that you only have a certain number of items left in stock.

For example, Amazon knows how to put pressure when their stock of an item is running low. This will help to create a sense of competition.

Besides, showing the scarcity of products, you also can show viewers range. For example, will show viewers how many other people are looking at a certain hotel and how many rooms are left. This way, making visitors feel as if someone else could book the room they want during their unexpected time.

3. Offer Bonus Incentive

Give people an extra incentive to act fast, For instance, you might offer free shipping for a limited time, or give your first 5 buyers a free surprise gift. Your audience will rush to purchase and to become one of the beneficiaries. 

At the same time, you should practice a limited-time or Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) tactic. Time-related words and phrases are one of the key factors , showing the bonus incentive is ending. Tried-and-tested phrases like these are the way to go. For example:

> don’t delay

> don’t miss out

> offer expires

> ends soon

> hurry

> save today

> buy now

4. Showing When Items Are Out Of Stock

Majority of eCommerce businesses hide out-of-stock items on their category pages but showing the items are out of stock proves that many purchases happened in your shop.

Showing lots of items that can’t be purchased may cause frustration. But showing just a few may trigger Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and therefore it creates an urgency to buy.

5. Alert your customers via email or SMS

  • Create urgency by sending a text message to your subscribers as soon as your sale launches. Create a short and attention-grabbing message that will take less than 10 seconds to read

Keep your text as short and valuable, to give your customers a compelling reason to read more than the first three words of the text before deleting it.

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