How we can have competitive research through the Facebook Ads library

August 19, 2022

Competitor research is a crucial portion of any online advertising strategy, and the Facebook Ads Library is a natural first place to start.

Through Facebook Ads Library you can observe the competitor ads strategy and the results obtained. From there, we can have a reference point and adjust accordingly for your next business ads. 

Accessing the Facebook Ads Library

Visit the Facebook Ads Library here. From there, you can search for the brands’ page and view the ads.

You can filter by different categories, for example, country. For the ads, you can also choose to select the ad category.

Just select search all if you don’t want to filter for a specific category. 

If you search for a brand page, you will see the brand cover image and the details of the ad for the business page.

Below that, you’ll see any recent ads that have run.

You can know how many ads that the company launches and you can also view the content of the ads.

If the ad falls into a special category, Facebook will have summary data that shows the age, gender, and geographic breakdowns for who was shown the ad. Furthermore,  Facebook will report ranges for reach, impressions, and amount spent.

Identifying the creative image from a competitor’s ads 

Based on the images of your competitors they are using, you can have an idea of how much effort they are putting into their brand’s theme and creative testing.

Take note that if there are multiple variants with the same copywriting but different images, this was a creative testing strategy, because sometimes the visual is one of the points that affect the ads. 

For example, the herbal-soup related ads from Yee Jia Online Trading.

Identifying the copywriting from a competitor’s ads

Pay attention to copywriting in ads to see how your competitors are positioning themselves. Should we observe that they are writing in a formal or colloquial tone? Are they using short-form or long-form copy? Whether emoji in the copywriting is the must? 

These various factors of copywriting could indicate targeting what audiences type that you target for. You should identify benefit points from competitors they are highlighting and apply to your next ads.

Start Checking out the Facebook Ad Library!

Take some time to visit the Library and search for your competitors’ pages. You’ll immediately be able to see what recent ads they’ve run.

Viewing the copywriting and the creative visual can improve your own ads!

For more information, contact us and we will be happy to discuss more opportunities & collaborations together. 

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