How to use Shopee Search Ads to Advertise Your Shop?

August 19, 2022

Product exposure and visibility are one of the most common difficulties that Shopee sellers face. The Shopee platform is packed with thousands of potential buyers, making it difficult for many new sellers to get their products recognized. But there’s a way to boost a seller’s product to the top of the results, which is through Shopee My Ads.

The most efficient tip for making your Shopee Ads more effective is to compare your chosen keyword in terms of the cost of marketing and the cost of the product. But first, let’s take you through how to create a Keyword ad.

How to create keyword ads?

1.) Go to ‘Marketing Centre’ page

2.) Select ‘Shop Ads’

3.) Click ‘New Keyword Ads’

Choose the product you’d want to use in the campaign. Keep in mind that you can only create one keyword ad for each product at a time.

4.) After changing the Basic Settings and Product Settings, click ‘Add Recommended Keywords’ and Shopee will automatically add a group of recommended keywords.

5.) Do not publish yet, click ‘Add Keywords’ and Shopee will have more suggestions.

Search for your chosen keyword and compare the cost of marketing to the cost of the product.

  • to check the success rate of the keyword at a reasonable price.

How to check?

1.) Return to Shopee My Ads and compare both keywords.For example: Complehumus or Complehumus fertilizer. Check the search volume and suggested bid.

The Cost of Marketing

We’ll assume a $1 cost per ad click and a 5% conversion rate for your Shopee My Ads. For example, a negative ROI use of the ads budget: Your product is $10, $1 CPC * 20 clicks = 1 conversion and a total ad cost of $20

You will need to find a way to increase the conversation rate or lower the CPC. For example, with Stout fertiliser products, you can mix and match keywords like ‘Baja Organik”, ‘STOUT 4-3-3 -65 OM’, ‘威猛肥’.

If the buyers search for either one of the keywords, it will appear in the search results.

Last but not least, improve your product listings. For instance, product title, product image and product description. We would like to know your Shopee My Ads experience. Comment down below.


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