How to register as a Shopee seller? Step by step guide to build Shopee Store

August 19, 2022

With the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry, Shopee has become the most popular marketplace in SEA. It is present in SEA countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines; also countries beyond SEA – South Korea and Brazil. As of Q4 2020, Shopee has recorded 47.3 million monthly active users and 2 million orders per day.

Want to join as a Shopee seller to leverage your business? Here are the steps!

How to register as a Shopee seller?

First, you will need to create a Shopee account. If you don’t have an account with Shopee prior to this, you can register an account for free. If you own a Shopee account, you can start selling now!

How to set up a store as a Shopee seller?

After signing up a Shopee account, you can start to build up your own Shopee store now!

Step 1: Sign in Shopee

Step 2: Go to Seller Center

Step 3: Complete details under Shop Profile

As a Shopee seller, you will need to fill up the details including shop name, cover photo, images or videos and shop description. Choose a shop name that can be easily remembered by customers.

Step 4: List your products

After setting up the basic information of your Shopee store, you can start listing your products to the catalog. 

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