Benefits of Social Media Platforms.

August 19, 2022

As Malaysia braves it’s second year with Covid-19, many businesses around the country are innovating and adapting to the situation. With most of them opting to go digital through E-Commerce sites – This is achieved with the assistance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok & so much more!

Since social media platforms have expanded from simply connecting people to integrating businesses closer with their target audience(s) – We can wholeheartedly say that social media channels have experienced a large increase in usage. Brands continue to benefit from the advantages of social media marketing, which will continue to grow as the platforms evolve and technology develops.

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Let’s dive into what makes these businesses succeed through the power of social media!

Social Media Is An Economical Outreach

Transforming many brick & mortar shops to go with the flow, these businesses are forced to reach their target market without breaking the bank to keep afloat.

Which means, social media is a good place to start. Setting up a business account on any of these social media platforms is free, as is posting content on your business page. Some basic features like messaging and analytics are also free.

That goes without saying that you would have to start paying if advertisements (ads) were to be ultilised. Do keep in mind that your budget has to accommodate should you opt to spend on ads.

Raising Brand Awareness & Identity Can Be Focussed

When we talk about social media, surely there are some popular platforms that are on top of your mind. When the masses use a variety of social media platforms, you have to think & objectify which target audience is appropriate to your brand. With that said, you can increase your likelihood of your brand being recognised by more users when you set up a page on each of your chosen platforms. Get started to increase your followers by sharing content consistently and interacting with your audiences to be familiar. 

To give you an idea of how enormous social media platforms are, here are their growth numbers as at May 2021.

Monthly Active Users as per

  1. Facebook – 2.7 billion
  2. Instagram – 1.2 billion
  3. Twitter – 350 million
  4. YouTube – 2.2 billion
  5. TikTok – 689 million
  6. Snapchat – 498 million

Your Target Market Can Connect With You Instantly

One of the advantages of social media is making interactions seamless and convenient with your target audience. This can either be a post or comment tagging and messaging features. Reaching out to them only takes a matter of seconds at the tip of your finger tips! 

These aspects can be turned into social media marketing tools to target your customers’ needs specifically. You can also ask them about what they want, announce promotions and sales & to educate them about your products / services.

For more information, contact us and we will be happy to discuss more opportunities & collaborations together. 

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