Basic Shopee Online Sales Tips That You Should Know!

August 19, 2022

To attract shoppers and increase sales, make sure your products stand out among competitors throughout promotions. Here are some basic Shopee online sales tips for doing so.

Shopee Campaign

The Campaigns function allows users to create specific products in areas of the website that shoppers browse the most. My Campaign is to assist sellers in using the Shopee platform to its highest capacity and allows them to participate for free.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that product nominations must be founded on 

  1. Product descriptions and photos must be accurate.
  2. The seller is willing to provide a 10%-20% discount.
  3. Appealing and competitive prices.

Discount Deals on Shopee

My Discount Promotions allows you to enhance the buzz around your products for a defined period of time, resulting in more Shopee sales. A discount can be applied to a single item. You have the option of applying the discount to all of your store’s products.

Make sure that each of your discounts has a limit. So a single consumer won’t be able to snag your greatest items before other customers have a chance to notice them. It is beneficial to sellers who wish to enhance profit on a particular product without dropping the price.

Shopee Voucher

Create your own Shopee vouchers to attract your customers to buy more. Your consumer’s chances of purchasing more items per transaction are boosted.

2 types of vouchers:

Product vouchers – only apply to specific products.

Shop vouchers  – can be used for all the products in your shop.

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